Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Small Intro Of My Mumbai Friends..!! (:

MY 3rd Standard Class Pic

Find me if u can..!! Waise the teacher sitting in the middle is Rohini Mam..!!


The next Bill Gates.. The Next Ambani..The next..Birla..!! Right now this ahole is in Noida.. Delhi.. Preparing for the aieee's..!!


Yuri..aka..akash..!! I think there is no need of introducing him..!! If u want to know abt him.. read my previous posts..!! Right now he's in San Francisco.. USA.. Doing his game designing course from Academy Of Arts..!!


Meleissa deeds.. I think her name was Megha or something..!! Yuri's badi sister..!! We used to have a lot of fun during the lunch..!! A very good natured. and friendly person..!! Not in contact with her..so.. not aware of her present state..!!


Surashree..aka..Sur..aka..Tulchu..!! My class mate since 3rd standard..!! Very friendly natured person..happy go lucky type nature..!! Very Bubbly..Charming..Sweet..Overall a good person..!! Sur.. kaafi hai na..??
We used to do a lot of masti in school and in bus too..!! Yuri had a crush on her and maybeeee... maybeee.. she had too..!! Now in Pune doing CA course..!!


Devshree..aka..deeds..!! Well i call her deeds..!! She's Surashree's badi sis..!! We used to talk a lot in the school bus..!! Every time we used to talk about cars..!! Very good friend of mine..!! Kabhi kabhi online aa jaati hai to thodi bahut baat ho jaati hai..!! Now she's doing the architecture course from some girls college in Pune..!!


Sugandha..aka..suggi..aka..pooh or something..!! A Very good friend of mine..!! Actually there was not much interaction between me and her those days..!! But now its in full swing..!! During my school time we played a drama together..!! Princess September..!! She's a very good person.. sweet.. not at all arrogant.. nice girl i should say..!! Dhaval and Abhay had crush over her..!! She kicked both of their butts..!! not that actual kicking..!! Now she is in Hyderabad doing her Biotech..!!


Shumaila..aka..shum..aka..shu..aka..tannu..!! Very bubbly.. happy go lucky.. always happy.. charming girl..!! A very good dancer..!! A very sweet friend of mine..!! We first met in our school bus..!! i saw her.. she saw me..!! no one said nothing..!! Next day in school i was torturing her friend named Meenaxi..!! She came to save her from me nd our first reaction was.. TUUU..??she replied..TUUU..?? Then both of us siad at the same time.. TUUUU..?? This is how we met..!! Now also in contact with her..!! She's in Mumbai.. Doing Biotechnogy engg..!! A very sweet friend..!! [ Tannu.. zyada nahin likh sakta.. log kya samjhenge?? ]


Narendra..aka..narri..!! Really good friend of mine..!! was involved in most of the crimes..!! He has a twin brother .. his name is Satendra..!! Narri is the big brother..!! He has a very good sense of humor..!! Enjoyed a lot with him..!! and satendra is like a brother to me..!! I'm afraid i don't have his pic at the moment ..!! Right now Narri is preparing for IIT's and Sattu is in Pune.. In NDA..!! Both of them are really gud friends of mine..!!


Jaideep singh rai..aka..jaideep..aka..JD..!! He was in "A" section..!! When he came to school.. he was a very healthy guy..!! Now he has lost couple of pounds..!! Naah.. more than couple of pounds..!! Was a gr8 friend..!! Always used to talk about the computer stuff with yuri and all..!! very friendly in nature..!! Gud person in life..!! Right now he is in Australia.. doing hotel management course from some Blue mountains Institute of Hotel Management..!! Something like that..!!


Kunal..aka..Kunnu..!! He was in "B" section..!! But we used to go in the same bus..!! Always we used to quarrel about he having an accord (Car)..!! I used to tell him ki.. Phek mat salle.. tere paas accorg nahi nahi..!! He used to reply me by asking a question.. Tu ladka hai ya ladki..?? I used to get so pissed off with that question that..that.. that.. no i did nothing..!! He's a rich ass..!! Now in Mumbai .. !! Doing Aeronautical Engg from Thakur University..!! Recently he met a very deadly accident on his bike..!! Now he's good..!! Broke some bones nd got some 20 to 30 stitches..!! Nothing serious..!!


Piyali..!! I was so jealous of her..!! Because of her i became the second most GORA person in the class..!! During our class dance.. Yuri and gang danced on a song.. in rohini madam's class.. the song was.. " Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali Ho..!!" Actually the gang chose this song just for her..!! I guess it was her Birthday or something..!! But overall a very good friend.. a very nice person..!! A bit shy.. i guess so..!! Kahan pe hai.. kya kar rahi hai?? i don't know..!!

VENKATESH ( Surname Not known )

Venkatesh..aka..Venky..aka..venga boys..aka..venkat..!! My Chair mate for a year..!! Always busy in making useless noises when the teacher is teaching..!! Surprisingly.. sometimes paying attention in the class..!! He also used to bring the south Indian food..!! So whenever Sud is absent.. Venky does the job..!! Had a huge crush on Surashree..!! But only for time pass..!! Sur.. no hard feelings..!! Not in contact with him.. so no info abt his present state..!! A very gud friend..!!


Ashish.. one of our gang members..!! Always involved in our crimes at school..!! When i was there.. he had a very good healtyh.. saala bahut maarta tha mujhe..!! Always buzi in bullying..!! Lived in Nabard Nagar..!! Again a very gud friend.. not that much actually.. but friends thhe..!! Not in contact with him for many days so.. don't know where he is nd what doing..!!


Sudhaamsh.. aka.. Sud..aka Sudhama..!! Very nice guy..!! Always chilled out..!! TV nd English movie freak..!! Has a very western accent of talking..!! He had a crush over Sonal.. senior.. 1 year senior !! And how can i forget.. guyz.. this is the boy..jiski idli's nd dosa's i used to steal nd eat before the lunch break..!! Sud.. Thanx for the yummy food..!! Now he is in Mumbai..!! Doing some commerce course..!!
Really gud friend of mine..!!


Prateek..!! I used to call him "potty"..!! He never minded me saying that to him..!! A very good poet nd a very good writer indeed..!! An Asthama patient..!! Usually faints in sunlight..!! One day i tied his shoe laces in our school ground nd he was watching me tying them..!! when i was done.. he fainted..!! Dhadaam !! At that moment there was only one thing going on in my mind.. Dude.. pack ur bags nd get prepared to get the suspension letter..!! But he saved me..!! Right now he is in Andhra Pradesh..!! what is he doing..?? I DON'T KNOW..!!


I should not say this but he was a nightmare for me..!! Uska shayad right hand thoda jala hua hai..!! The day he came to the class i noticed that nd made a mistake telling him ki i'm afraid of his jala hua arm..!! Now to scare me he used to bite at the burnt area every time he sees me nearby..!! But after sometime i got used to it..!! Again a very best friend of mine..!! His nick name is "taru"..!! Don't know where the hell he is and what he is doing..!!


He was also one of my class mates..!! Very gud natured..!! Always hitting on girls..!! ( Not beating wala hitting.. flirting wala hitting..!! ) But no girl gave him any chance..!! Maine ise bahut.. matlab.. had se bhi zyada pareshaan kiya hai..!! Par phir bhi achha friend hai..!! He had a crush over Sugandha..!! Ham sab ise Sugs ke naam se bahut chidaate thhe..!! At the moment he is in Gujarat.!! Doing some commerce course..!!

Guyz.. if i've missed someone here then here is an open heart surgery...ooops..!! open heart apology to all those who are not mentioned here..!!
U all guyz made my life enjoyable..!! Thanx a lot to all of you for being such a good friend of mine..!!


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